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The Firm has professionals who are fluent in English
and can draft relevant documents in that language.

Lledó García Aranda Lawyers are specialists in these areas and will advise you on everything related to your business, clients or relations between shareholders, assisting you in the event of any conflicts that may arise.

The Firm offers the best complete and continuous guidance to the company in all of its needs during all of its activity, and during all its corporate life, providing confidence and certainty in its daily practice.


Franchise Agreements

These contracts will make it easier for you to do business with a consolidated company, just as they will help it grow.




The Director is responsible for managing and representing the company before third parties.


In case of conflict

If the Director, in the exercise of his functions, damages the company or corporation, he will be responsible before the shareholders and the Creditors of the company.

Lledó García Aranda Lawyers will provide advice and watch over the affected party.


Contractual Compliance

In order to establish the best business relationships between customers, distributors, suppliers, etc., it is essential to develop contracts that detail these relationships.

Lledó García Abogados will advise you on the clauses that should be included in your contract for the best protection of your interests and to avoid conflicts with the above-mentioned in the fulfilment of your contractual obligations.


Challenging Corporate Agreements

The agreements reached by the Administrative Bodies and their General Meeting must be respected both with regard to the Law and the Articles of Association themselves, in such a way that compliance will be required before the Courts if necessary.

Lledó García Aranda Lawyers will look after their interests even in the case of minority shareholding in order to safeguard the imposition of the majority.


Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies

When a Company is dissolved, the General Meeting can justify this liquidation with different reasons:

  • For expiration of the term or deadline established in the Articles of Association.
  • By agreement of the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • By the fulfilment of its corporate purpose.
  • The manifest impossibility of achieving the corporate purpose.
  • Due to losses that reduce the company’s equity to less than half of its Share Capital.
  • For failure to carry out the activity that constituted the company’s corporate purpose for three consecutive years.
  • Due to a reduction of the Share Capital under the legally established minimums.
  • For other reasons included in the company’s articles of association.

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